Englisch The Survivalist: Huge Update 02-01-17

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28.02.17 02:25:21
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Hi Ben good to see you!
Hey yeah I had to push Valentines Day update to March 20th...I have been working hard in the middle of a remodeling job which has taken all my spare time lately. Full kitchen, bathroom and laundry room...and some other things.

I had started making new skyboxes but had to start this job...soon as i can I will finish em and post the update by March 20th weekend. It is also the First Day Of Spring! YeahHHH!

Hey on page 1 you can see what is ready and what I am working on in the To-Do list there. Thanks for dropping by, Be patient, I am almost done with the mod...there is a big concept still missing that will make the mod complete, and that concept is the whole idea of escaping the island.

It will add a deeper purpose to everything you do currently in the mod.

Talk Soon!
The Survivalist_02-01-17 is now available. DOWNLOAD HERE >The Survivalist 02-01-17
Zum Anfang Vorherige 1 2 ... 93 94 Nächste Zum Anfang