Englisch The Survivalist: New Update 6-25-17

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26.07.17 21:38:35
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Chicken Coop unlocks at level 150 Lumbering skill.
The Survivalist_06-25-17 is now available. DOWNLOAD HERE >The Survivalist 06-25-17
27.07.17 00:48:34
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Oh, ty, i couldnt find it.
Anyway thanks to that, i noticed that you can store animals in your backpack, without feeding, for indefinite time... While looking for the coop, i had 5 chickens in there for about 30 days (along with 2 turtles, i cant get myself for letting them go) Along with crabs and bees, there shoul be some limit of starvation... I guess you need few days if you hunt them on the other side of a big island. So 5 days, then turn it into dead animal material? Or combine with leaves/cornseed to make fed version with durability? Idk if that is too much to ask... Or make every 5th day event that releases every animal in bags? Unlucky if you catch them just before that happens... Or some random releasing?

Love this mod and very appreciate that you respond to every comment in here and that you try to think everything here over. You are the best!

Also i like bats, free food falls from the skies:-)
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