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24.01.20 09:38:06 pm
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Looking at this major mod, and you being active after so long, really makes me want to come back to modding.

You got fall damage, army-leading, pet dog hunting, and kiwi-taming. Yas, bruh!
25.01.20 12:59:10 am
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Lordloss, hi, the wooden house in winter glows red when the door is closed and adds BT (body temperature) at a rate of 0.03 per check. It can make a difference in your BT depending on the OT (outside temperature) If your BT is dropping faster then 0.03 due to OT then the house may not be sufficient to make your BT "rise".

A fire adds 0.05 BT per check...so making a fire or torch inside the wooden house would add 0.08 per check to BT. Helpful when it is REALLY cold outside. Good for sleeping too and waking up warm.

The hot drinks and wine stuff will boost your BT a full 1 degree the moment you drink it. Possibly curing frostbite too. I will check the script but I know it was working lol.

Some other things that help BT stay within healthy range is having cloths in or backpack (1 of each type is best. boot,glove,pants,coat, or the suit.), and/or carrying a lit torch or lantern, and combinations of both. Details in the DIARY under operations...frostbite, cloths, etc.

p.s. I will check into the winter sleeping...that does sound like an extreme situation you should have woke up warm having the suit and lit lantern while sleeping in the house (unless the door was left open?).
Hi Puppet!!! Long time no see
Would love to see ya make a new mod as your talents are great in scripting and creating!
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25.01.20 04:56:46 pm
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Nice that you take your time for this
Ofcourse i did not let the door open, and i know the diary inside out Ill try it with some fire inside.
It is time that you make your own Game and publish it, so i can throw my money at you

Ive tested it, went to sleep in the closed house, next to campfire. BT was rising at this moment, after sleeping i went hypothermic. The campfire was burning all night long. I dont know what i do wrong
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26.01.20 01:42:33 am
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Patch to fix sleeping in winter BT issue, and horse food fix.

> patch
1) unzip and open the folder
2) copy/paste or drag/drop the 2 FILES into the /sys folder
3) chose replace the old files when prompted

I was unable to duplicate the error you with corn shucks but I did a script copy/paste procedure in case I had some error as the scripts are the same for all the horse foods.

As for the winter sleep, the BT penalty was set way to high. You should now wake up with only a slight to moderate BT reduction, depending on how many hours you sleep.

Thanks again for your reports. Thank you for the compliments...
More >
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13.02.20 10:49:17 pm
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I had the time to play the last version (fun as always :), here is the list of stuff I found not working or weirdly working:

1) when fermenting more barrels next to each other, they light up all even if only one of them finished their fermenting cycle

2) herb is herb garden grow even in winter

3) when you try to eat whey, it sends a negative message that it is not food, but it returns empty bowl as well, so you can bug yourself free bowls

4) distillers block rain so the campfire under them burns in rain

5) when log sled is destroyed, it stays as object without hitpoints until midnight, then it dissappears

6) sleeping in hot house, with torch nearby, closed doors and winter suit reduces temp when sleeping? why, when awake, it increases temp. It only makes you to stay afk in house for some time, and it doesn't make sense...

7) horse doesn't collide with objects when mounted, it just runs through all

most of the drinks reduce hunger a little even if they don't have it in the note

9) tropica dough has note in diary that it is made of coffeefruit, but it is set up to be made of coffebeans

10) worker operation increases my skill? why?

11) plants announce at the 1st day of winter that they die, but trees lose all fruits instantly, shouldn't be there the same day for harvest?

12) there are not notes about the new content in diary (saltblock, preservative, cocoa)

13) tame monkey achievement doesn't work, tried to tame and train two, nothing

14) pirate trading rates are too low for low tier stuff...for few trinkets you can get tons of grain, it really makes the farming and fertilizing obsolete... I would make him a source of seeds that you didn't find yet on your island, but at high cost (or leave one thing that could be used as source of cheap food when in crisis...oranges? ), also no fertilized seeds...

And here are some questions/ideas:

a) any chance of adding the water through range? like wet circle around it to know where it can reach and water plants?

b) could worker do digging for worms as well? since he needs bait for fishing errand, this would be very usefull (and I guess easy to set up)

c) some way of making a mushroom patch?

d) there is still too much of stones without use...would it be possible to do stone path maybe?

e) for what I tried, chicken feed and premium one is not very effective compared to spoiled food. Also it is too heavy, 29 premiums to fill the feeder vs hundreds of spoiled food....

f) there is no use for big mushroom, for soup, it doesn't work as normal one

g) caddy monkey runs around you, very often it gets in the way of attacking and dies. Any chance to make her run behind you? like move towards you only if further than some distance?

h) hemp has no use...maybe crafting vines from it? or healing salve of some sort?

i) lamppost with inventory? kind of a torch for oil for longer light?
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14.02.20 07:56:28 pm
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Hi Tix!! good to see you.

Lots of nice feedback! I will look into the buggy stuff you listed and see about fixes. As for a few of the other things:

6) I will re-script this so you only get cold if there is no fire in the house on cold nights of sleep.

7) Horse collision I can not fix. Already looked at this, and riding land units over-rides the collision in the source code. Can't fix.

a) I could possibly make some kind of reference to show water trough range, maybe add something to the model to indicate.

c) I already had this idea...I will make it so you can grow mushrooms...maybe you can collect the "moss" patch they grow on, and use them to grow mushrooms.

d) yes stones are abundant...if you put them in your hand and "throw" them down on the ground they do not stack. So you could make garden borders or paths doing that.

h) yes you can already make "cords" with 3 hemp + knife i think. Also it can be sold to the pirate for goods.

i) The regular torch already has this feature...if you use cotton it burns up faster than if you use oil. Also there is already 2 different lanterns, one uses oil and the other uses ethyl alcohol which burns much longer. The lanterns can be "dropped" on top of objects to, if you drop them at elevated locations...like on top of a barrel, or house roof etc.

As for the other stuff i will give it some thought and see what can be done...the bugs for certain I will fix.

Thank You!!! This type of feedback really helps improve the mod so much!
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15.02.20 10:15:37 am
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sorry, this mod is soo big some of the stuff I wrote already are included, I just forgot to try them out and then wrote it on the list

Lags are always there, but it is worth it, you are awesome!!!
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