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28.02.17 02:25:21 am
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Hi Ben good to see you!
Hey yeah I had to push Valentines Day update to March 20th...I have been working hard in the middle of a remodeling job which has taken all my spare time lately. Full kitchen, bathroom and laundry room...and some other things.

I had started making new skyboxes but had to start this job...soon as i can I will finish em and post the update by March 20th weekend. It is also the First Day Of Spring! YeahHHH!

Hey on page 1 you can see what is ready and what I am working on in the To-Do list there. Thanks for dropping by, Be patient, I am almost done with the mod...there is a big concept still missing that will make the mod complete, and that concept is the whole idea of escaping the island.

It will add a deeper purpose to everything you do currently in the mod.

Talk Soon!
The Survivalist_02-01-17 is now available. DOWNLOAD HERE >The Survivalist 02-01-17
06.03.17 06:16:34 am
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Thanks for the awesome mod! IMO this is still the best pure-survival game available (looking forward to Stranded 3!).

Here's a small tweak I can't play without:
It replaces all of the voice sounds with two simple sounds (success/fail). I think they fit the mood quite well.

Also, some problems I've noticed:
- When fishing rod (or fly rod) breaks, it drops a wooden log instead of a bendable branch (or flyrod pole)
- Catching a turtle or crab from fishing gives message: "found caught turtle"
- Fireplace holds more wood than the wood storage, but costs less
- Water from crushed leaves can make you sick (intentional?)
- Crushing leaves or vines gives less water than simply eating them (intentional?)
- Can't craft hooks from bendable branch (the diary says you can, and I always end up with a surplus)
- Lvl 75 Pottery gives a message about unlocking the Kiln, but it is already unlocked

And here are some suggestions:
- Hunger and thirst should increase more slowly whilst sleeping
- Sleeping 9hrs should refill energy by less than 100%, to not encourage "cutting it close"
- Maybe make a new item, "Wood scraps", for when bark breaks from searching or lighting fire by friction.
- Fishing should cost less food/energy, but be less likely to succeed without bait
- Making static nail is too unlikely to succeed (using a compass is tedious enough, and easily skipped with map)
06.03.17 10:19:56 am
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First of all, great work with the mod. I remember playing it a couple of years ago when it was called Massive Mod. I've decided to play the mod again but I have some problems with the performance.

I experience some stuttering which sadly makes it basically unplayable:
- every second the game freezes for like 0.5-1s
- when I press SHIFT to toggle run the game freezes for like 4 seconds
- when pressing LMB to swing the game stutters

The fps are fine, it's only the stuttering

My specs (shouldn't this be enough to play?):
- Intel Core 2 Quad (4x2,4)
- 4gb RAM
- Radeon HD 5670 1gb
- Windows 10
08.03.17 02:44:56 am
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Hey thank yu for the suggestions and feedback. I will fix any of those bugs asap and will consider the tweaks you listed.

thank you for checking out the mod!

Yeah, it has been known for a while that some operating systems run the Blitz engine poorly depending on several factors...from your type graphics card to operating settings.

Two things you can try that might reduce the lag from the 2 big scripts that run in this mod would be:

1) in the main game folder click the The_Survivalist -win.bat file to start your game. This runs the mod in a borderless window...once ingame go to OPTIONS and set your resolution to your monitor size...this will make the window "full screen" to the size of your monitor window.

2) goto your "Start Up" options in control panel and delete all start up programs that are automatically started when you start your PC up. Then reboot your PC. It is perfectly safe to delete ALL startup programs and will make your system run much faster. You can always start any program manually if it is something you want top running all the time. A few things running in the background can slow you PC greatly and make things slow.
The Survivalist_02-01-17 is now available. DOWNLOAD HERE >The Survivalist 02-01-17
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