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So maps with custom tiles are a bit popular but most people don't know how to make them walls or floors and etc, when in editor they put a wall/tile and when they come in map it becomes a soundless floor
So most people replace walls by dynwall which is a (bit) annoying, I made this little tutorial for newbies to read
Any way enough talking and here is the (newbie) tutorial
> Way 1 (Which may not work)
• Chose you custom tiles
• Click Tile Properties (At the bottom left and a bit up)
• Then click load default Properites
∗ If you got any errors then the owner of the tiles didn't config them or didn't add the properties file ∗

> Way 2 (Which should 100% work)
First make sure your at the first tile (ID 0 which is black)
• Chose your custom tiles
• Click tile Properites (At the bottom left and a bit up)
• You will find a list (wall, floor etc) chose what you want then click the '>' arrow and it will move to the next tile and chose the physic of it and repeat untill your done
• Some info about tile properties •
> Wall
• A normal wall which you can not shot through
> Obstacle
• A small height wall where you can shot through but not walk through
> Wall W/o shadow
• Same as Wall but without shadow
> Obstacle W/o shadow
• Same as Obstacle but without shadow
> Floor - Soundless
• A floor without step sound
> Floor - Dirt
• A floor with dirt step sound
> Floor - Snow
• A floor with snow step sound/snow walking effect
> Floor - Step
• Same as above but step sound
> Floor - Tile
• Same as above but Tile sound
> Floor - Water
• Same as above but water sound/effect
> Floor - Metal
• Same as above but metal sound
> Floor - Wood
• Same as above but Wood sound
> Deadly - Normal
• A floor that you die when stepping on it
> Deadly - Explosion
• Same as above but die with explosion
> Deadly - Toxic
• Same as above but toxic die effect
> Deadly - Abyss
• Same as above but scream death effect

Thats all, thanks for reading. hope I helped you. if you still have any question about this, please ask.
(Also sorry to moderators if I did anything agents rules >.>)

24.08.12 02:12:17 pm
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Good tutorial.
Sadly guys that don't know this are not active in www.unrealsoftware.de
24.08.12 05:45:27 pm
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we have also an wiki for this
24.08.12 06:05:05 pm
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user 0TT0 has written:
we have also an wiki for this

Yeah but a lot of people are too lazy to search the wiki (For example, me)

@user Misho: Thanks, and yeah but maybe someone sees it, if he/she/it did, then lucky him/she/it
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