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21.02.17 05:13:03 pm
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@user Yates: If only impediment is leading hacks, then essentially there is not that much to do it. We said them you shouldn't hack, so it is forbidden.

If we all stop to do our things by saying there are hackers, actually there won't be thing to do. Because every structure which was made by human intelligence can surpass by other humans.

Like I gave an idea a long ago was about adding a few commands which were about changing size and scale of the flashlight light, and you told me same thing; "This can be bad with cheats."

But the flashlight looks really big. If we can't really change it as hackers are being nearby, it is bad.

There will be always hackers who are bad, wicked and poor ones. From the other side, you're telling to ensure security, good. However, before thinking if new idea will cause lag or not, firstly we need to find a solve for current hackers.
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