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27.12.17 09:45:52 pm
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Oh umm yep, that makes perfect sense @ tab. So obvious yet no so obvious. I am definitely guilty of just using spaces to indent on random occasions.

Happy Holidays DC !
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15.01.18 07:22:27 pm
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@user DC: Can steam-id game bans from the Unreal Software forum be a thing?
15.01.18 07:54:55 pm
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@user Starkkz: No, Unreal Software and Steam are not connected and the U.S.G.N. master server is not aware of Steam logins at all. In theory I could establish a new mechanism like a simple black list which servers automatically download from here but I don't want to do that. Implementing it is not the problem. Maintaining it and talking to people who complain about bans is the issue. I really don't want to put time into such things (I know moderators can help but some people still simply contact me even if I'm not involved).

If this is something people want to have it would still be possible to establish a community driven blacklist, put it online somewhere and let servers refresh it like daily via a Lua scripts...
I mean: This can be done without Unreal Software / my support
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04.03.18 11:27:02 pm
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Add two buttons above code blocks (normal ones, not inline). One to open the code block in a separate browser tab as plaintext, and one to download the code.

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