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08.08.11 05:41:32 pm
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user Erik963 has written:
user palomino has written:
Can you shut up? Facebook is the only site where I can talk with my friends all around the world because they don't have Skype or MSN. If you've got a problem, eat it.

Agreed. And to add more: if you don't like it, don't use. And don't try to fuck around with those who like/use it. Simple.

"I hate facebook. In my opinion its fail site. That site should be removed from the world. Its useles not needed and mutch more. Hackers are doing good they sending viruses there. And i wish for christmas that site gets hacked and deleted for ever. Only thing i want for christmas. I wish it to happen so badly"

Is this some try to flame me, troll me, making me agressive, or something like that. I clearly said its my opinion and as far as i know we live in free contryes and saying own opinion mainly on forum about facebook is not a crime. So please stop with this cheep kind of trolling. I never "Fucked around with those who like it"

So please stop with this crap. Or do you want admin to shut you up ?

08.08.11 06:17:31 pm
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next person that flames gets a 48hr ban.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, for example, it's okay for Erik to express his disdain of facebook, on the other hand it's also okay for Sunny Autumn to rebut what he believe to be Erik's misinformed opinions. The thing about opinions is that it goes both ways, and one party shouting out that the other is trying to repressed his/her right to the entitlement of an opinion is itself a violation of the other person's right to an opinion.

Edit: Actually, you know what, given how far out of scope this thread has become, I'm just going to close it.
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