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25.10.08 10:39:50 pm
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Hi all.
I'm just wondering if you could fill in this questionaire and send me the results back in a PM. It would be really helpful if you could.
Thanks in advance.

To answer, e.g. Q2, simply delete the answers which you don't want.




1)Would having a male character skin and a female character skin affect your game choice?

2)What type of game "style" do you prefer? (Select more than one (up to a maximum of 3) if applicable)

Modern Day Shooter
Historical Shooter (WW2, WW1 etc.)
Futuristic Shooter (Halo etc.)

3)Which type of game play do you prefer? (or list a game which is like the style you like)

Tactical Shooter
Run and Gun Shooter

4)What view point do you prefer?

First Person
Third Person

5)Do you prefer vehicles in a game?

6)What kind of weapons do you prefer?

Swords and medieval
Modern Day (Accurate)
Modern Day (Made up)

7)Would you prefer a class system or something else?

Class system (Sniper, explosives etc.)
Pick up weapons as you find them
Start with all possible weapons
Mix and match your own equipment and weapons at the start of the game

8)Who do you want as a villain?

Some sort of terrorists
Law enforcement agencies
Supernatural beings

9)Which of these is a priority?

Campaign Mode (Single player)
Campaign Mode (4 player offline)
Campaign Mode (4 player online)
Multiplayer (split screen on one console)
Multiplayer (online)

10)Please give these games a rating from 1 to 10. (Put an X if you haven't played)

Halo 1
Halo 2
Halo 3
Unreal Tournament 2004
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

11)What is the "perfect" game for you? Why?(e.g. Halo)

12)Describe which features you would want in an ideal game: (E.g. Online play, mapmaker, good social gaming, optional vehicles etc.)


I hope you can do this, and if you have any questions post below
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Internet is serious shit.
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