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17.02.11 11:28:11 pm
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Yeah, Yeah...
de_Mucho is a map like de_cs2d

All people that play on Mucho Lokin Server like this map.
Theres 2 bmb Sites 2 Breakeables Walls
and a lot of Fun!

Image1 The Map
Image2 Bomb Site 1
Image3 Bomb Site 2


Map: JrFire or Mucho Lokin
Tiles: Slum 1.5 By DragonAwper (me)

Why Can I do?
√ You can play this map
√ You can Edit this map
√ You can say the tiles are mine
× You can't say it's your
× You can't say it's DragonAwper's map

Do you like the tiles?
Search for de_Slum + new Tiles

On this map i've used the tiles
For look the tiles this map is better...

It's all
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