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22.11.10 12:15:26 pm
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This is a map + script based on River Plate's stadium "El monumental"

The download includes one map file, a lua script and 3 sprites.
Both the map file and the lua script must be under the maps folder while the sprites must be placed in gfx/sprites

The idea of the script was to provide a fast non-stop football action (or so I intended it).
The field is quite small while the players can kick the ball fairly far away.

The ball bounces against the field's bounds (there won't be any corner kicks, penalties and stuff like that)

All you get is your knife, use it to kick the ball:
With the primary attack you kick the ball a short distance in the direction you're looking to (use for passes or to dribble your opponents).
Using the secondary attack your player will kick the ball quite a big distance.
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22.11.10 12:21:46 pm
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Great work Flacko !
This is the best football mode in cs2d!
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