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EZ - Menu v(1.3)

This is the first file that I upload to the file archives.
(No wonder why I've not uploaded, takes ages to write the description)

Hope you have some use for it.

• Dynamic.
• An OOP approach of creating and dealing with menus.
• Chainable methods for easier access.
• Customize title of menus and name/descriptions of Buttons.
• Helpful warnings and traceback to the root of the problems. (If you have it enabled, recommended for debugging)
• Allow for single page or multi paged menu, you can change between them whenever you want.
• No more dealing with the menu hook (finding the right title, etc).

Settings >

Documentation >

I will update this with more examples later on.
Example Codes >

> This is meant for more general use of a menu. If you want player specific menus, you can always store the created menu in a table tied to an ID and call the 'show(id)' method on that table to show the contents to the right player. If you do that, use 'destroy()' method when they leave and set the table to nil.
Example >

Installation >

Changelog >

If you find any errors/bugs and/or have any ideas that I could add, please leave a comment and tell me in details what went wrong and/or what I should add/remove/tweak.
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Use to easy:) Perfect...
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I like this
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Nice nice
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