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07.02.19 05:59:23
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"It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them." - Steve Jobs

If you're a Mac Users then use this.

If you're a Window Users then don't use this. (Just kidding)

First Extract the zip.
Second Just drag two Apples inside the CS2D/Logos.
Third Use em.

Fixing some Problems:
you must change ".png" into ".bmp"
Make sure if it's 32 x 32.

√ You may use two kinds of Spraylogo (In Apple or Out Apple)

√ Yeah tell some people that you really are a man in the Job.

× Don't Steal their company products. (It's a joke so don't steal or copy that you really made this.)
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26.02.19 08:19:41
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no effort ... could've done this myself in under a minute...
08.02.19 07:04:59
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We'll i draw one then i invert another one. It's just an illusion.

But i tried to copy one of the Apple but it suits right there.
07.02.19 16:29:08
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idk if you copied and pasted it, but that apple is a really complicated design from iOS dev, and with the things related to the copyright, I won't rate for it, but if you draw it yourself, then congrat! it's a good work.
07.02.19 10:33:46
like Ich mag es!
Verry good spray of me 5 stars!
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