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05.02.19 01:57:54
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Good morning everyone.

I decided to create this map 1 vs 1 based on level 2 of the game Sonic the Hedgehog 3, called "HydroCity", I want to clarify that the images and sounds were taken from that game but the tiles were adjusted by me.

Everyone can use AK-47, M4A1 and Desert-Eagle.

> You can edit it.
> You can not say it's yours.
> Do not steal the tiles (leave credits).

And yes, the map is small.

Thanks to SEGA!
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05.02.19 14:14:42
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What if copy the map then paste 4 areas for more players to fight. Like 1v1, when someone dies they join into random or same person.

Good job those tileset.
05.02.19 07:17:03
Talented Doge
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holy shit the tileset is awesome.

But this map is too small even for 1vs1 tbh.
05.02.19 07:14:09
like Ich mag es!
ur inspired from Sonic game to create this 1v1 map, cool tiles and structures !
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