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22.11.18 04:44:06
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In 11:54PM, the North Bank was a failure rescue operation.. Now you're job is to sneak trough the North bank & save other Hostages..

This is perfect for the Night stealth, skills, & teamwork!
Now with Night version this is going to be perfect!

Links for Version:
Liberty: http://unrealsoftware.de/files_show.php?file=17784

This is made by me of course, if someone tries to edit my design, i am going to burn their computer.. (Not really tho)
Also tell me more bugs, glitches, & even tho exploit spots!

Thankful Creators:
piWi: L.S.P.D Vehicles & others
Danh: image of 2DCustomizerTilesV.10 Tileset

Spoiler >

√ Fun to play with someone!
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