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New York, Liberty street - This place is a nice country of America, but the Liberty Street has been over corrupted into Terrorist, the building of North Bank..

This is a perfect place for Tactics, strategy, & even teamwork..
There's even Night version of this Map too!

CT: You're objective to rescue the hostage at the limit of 6..
T: you're objective to secure the hostage & eliminate CT..

I've been working on Liberty but turning into Tower, so i decided to make it as a Building, free feel outside & even more rooms to fight!

Thankful Creator:
piWi - L.S.P.D Vehicle & others
Danh - Tileset

Links for Version:
Liberty Night - Hostage Rescue: ∗ http://www.unrealsoftware.de/files_show.php?file=17785

√ Fun to play with someone!
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