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22.10.18 08:31:39 pm
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My first map uploaded... or first maps
a couple of bonus maps

About map
it's bad ∗ ° ° ° °
But its a zombie map


√ Use it on your server
× Say it yours
× Edit

sounds used :
env : I guess made by Unreal Software
edited 1×, last 23.10.18 01:19:23 pm
x This file has been reviewed and declined by Fraizeraust (23.10.18 08:13:15 pm)
The quality of the file is too low! Please invest more time and only upload stuff which is actually good. Do not upload your first "5 minute"-attempts. Sorry, but nobody wants to see and download stuff like that!


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23.10.18 03:45:34 pm
Talented Doge
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it's bad

Why do you upload it even you know it is bad?

0 map export image. Green tiles + grey walls.

I hope there was a dislike button.
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