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13.02.18 08:47:28 pm
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Hi there, us, i'm here to present you my new map for a Zombie Escape server, i hope you like it, it took like 1 hour to make, it's my first ze map, i hope you like it!

∗ Info:
• Name: ze_minecraftdventure.
• Type: Zombie Escape map.
• 100x100 map.

∗ Credits:
• Mojang - Tiles

∗ You can:

√ Play it.
√ Judge it.
√ Use it on your server/s.
√ Have fun.

° You can't:

× Steal it.
× Edit it.
× Judge it without playing it (Optional lol)
× Don't have fun.

∗ Download:
• Map.
• Tileset.
• Entities errors fixed.

° Don't play it on Construction, Standard or Team Deathmatch mode, please play it on Zombie Escape mode.

Well, that's all, i hope you like the map, see you later
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16.02.18 07:25:31 pm
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Yes... I'm gonna improve the details on my maps, thanks for comment!

Now when the Ct reach the escape zone everyone who isn't in that place are gonna die, there was a little "error" who was making only the Zombie die and letting the Ct alive in any zone.
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16.02.18 06:36:27 pm
like I like it!
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Well,it's not bad in gameplay but visually it could work better.
16.02.18 02:27:09 am
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Yes, thanks for the comment, i'm gonna fix them.
14.02.18 09:50:29 pm
like I like it!
I played it in a zombie escape server and it's playable, there is some errors but i know you are solving them and improving it
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