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30.12.17 12:28:15 am
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Another new map I created, please leave my image in secret room as a credit to original creator. My Afterlife maps are based on popular series called Resident Evil and its all about surviving against zombies

How to Install: Extract everything inside the .zip folder in your game folder (copy/replace)...done !

SUGGESTION: Set round time at minimum 14-15 minutes

Map Features
• Multiple floors with vent system, fire staircase, garage, basement and roof top
• Secret room and secrets to unlock
• Custom song upon unlocking secret
• Zombie spawn defense system, spawn Gas Grenade and Gut Bombs + Kill all bots button
• Many traps
• Cracks on walls that indicate which walls can be broken (8000HP)

∗ UPDATE 04/January/2018 ∗
• Small fix - players can't no longer build on toxic tiles

> Please re-download if you downloaded the map before the last update

What is ok and what not
√ Use it in your server
√ Change whatever you want
√ Modify and post your own version
× Change or remove image in secret room
× Block access to secret room

∗ Have fun and enjoy ∗

I want to take this opportunity to give special thanks to @SkullFace for helping me set up my server. I made a special thanks to him in this map inside a secret room.
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03.01.18 12:43:04 pm
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the bamboozle
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In my opinion, I think teleportation does not really suit zombie mode. Just imagine you are walking pass by some teleportation area and suddenly this zombie just teleport right in front of you and you're dead. I like the penguin tho.
30.12.17 12:59:00 pm
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I ment zombie bots can't use teleports, all bots in general can't because they are stupid and don't know how to go in it

Well its a zombie game mode so having bots is a must to have zombie hordes, any zombie game mode uses bots ofcourse, its hard to get 20 or more players in a single zombie server

Vents have 2 different entrances on 2 opposite sides (1 from roof and 1 from 3rd floor) so you can come always from behind at CT's, walls are easy to destroy and if there is more then 1 zombie player it becomes even faster to destroy when 2 of more of you are hitting the walls. Map has multiple entrances and brakable objects that can create you additional path to avoid narrow corridor defenses.

Also you have plenty of time as zombie if you set your server to 14-15min round. I will edit that in as suggestion
30.12.17 12:45:08 pm
Oh, so this is intendet against bots? Well then you should mention that in map description, cuz now most of my words are useless now.
And by overpowered i mean in that narow corridors and vents, cts can build walls isolating themself from rest of map, plus you said yourself "The map has multiple floors and traps giving the CT's upper advantage."
About that trigger for explosions, my bad, should look more carefull.
And what you mean zombies cant use teleports? I was playing as zombie and i could enter teleport just fine...
30.12.17 12:32:31 pm
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Zombies can't use teleports so them going on different floor levels is not possible by themselves you need to build a teleport entrance and exit for them to be teleported on different floors

There is a kill all bots in zombie spawn button to re-spawn the ones that are stuck

This map is intended for 2 or more players because bots are well bots (retarded) so if there is no player on zombie side to guide them they will just roam around places they can

The explosion on zombie spawn was intended to counter players building turrets all over it and farm zombies or waste you large amount of time to brake trough them. This explosion has a 60 second delay so I don't see how it can be abused ? It will also prevent from some trolls on zombie side building teleport entrances and exit in a boxed in area to troll their team and zombies can't destroy those entrances as explosion can be used to destroy those teleport entrances

I don't understand the part where you say "zombies can be overpowered". The map has multiple floors and traps giving the CT's upper advantage. The fight was never ment to be fought at zombie spawn but inside the CT's building

Map is large enough I don't intend to make more floors only tweaks to balance it out

Some floors are not ment to have sound as portal guns holes won't work on them
30.12.17 12:20:03 pm
I like the map, at least the details and aesthetics of map, but if this is intendet for zombie mode its not really good. Why you may ask, its because zombies can be verry overpowered at their spawn (put some no build zones there), and you need to give zombies more than just 1 path to follow through the map, because well, they can be overpowered. Id suggest to make more teleports, corridors, and if needed more rooms, also remove that explosion on zombie spawn, it can be abused, and some tiles dont have sound.
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