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Originally based on the Laserpointer Script by Plookerbooy and the Hitzone Script Example by Unreal Software, I've done a few modifications and created the following script which aims to help (competitive) players train their off-screen scanning angles to level up their gameplay.

I've decided not to keep this to myself but rather make it open source and invite whoever is interested to improve it and work on new features.

> Installation

1) Download "scans.lua" and save it in cs2d/sys/lua
2) Download "line.bmp" and save it in cs2d/gfx
3) Open CS2D, go to "New Game" -> "More settings" and search for "mp_luaserver" option and change it to "scans.lua"
4) Enjoy!

∗ 19/12/2017 - Version 1.0 @Github
Spoiler >

ADDED Press E to spawn a hitzone dummy.
ADDED Line turns green when no walls are interfering with the trajectory of the line.
ADDED Line turns red when there is a wall between the dummy and the player.
ADDED If you're the only player in the server, pressing E again will make the previous dummy disappear and generate a new one.
ADDED Current dummies have infinite health.
ADDED When hitting a dummy a sv_msg will appear, indicating you've hit it.

> Current Issues & Future plans

° Running the script with multiple players in the server makes hitzone dummies not clear when creating a new one, thus, eventually having those all over the place
° Using the flashlight (or some other button), there should be the possibility to make the current dummy disappear without the need of creating a new one (currently commented out in the code).
° Dummies currently have infinite health. It would be good to have the possibility to switch between infinite health and 100hp with kevlar and helmet.
° Being able to spawn multiple dummies at the same time could be good
° Currently the laser line goes from the center of the player to the center of the dummy. It would be better if it went from the center of the player (where the shots come from) and then be as wide as the dummy hitzone, proyecting in an angle instead of a straight line.

Feel free to contribute, comment, suggest, criticize and modify the script.
Ideas are welcome too !
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capo toma mi like
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Good job dude! I hope it will help people who want to be professional in this game.
20.12.17 21:22:38
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thank you ♥
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