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15.09.17 02:13:08 pm
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us Hello!
us Scan Script v1.2.4

> I tested it on cs2d
> I used it for jail and role play.
> Easy to download scan script , Download it.
> Sounds+Messages

∗ How to Install ∗

> --Copy all files with replacement.
> Extract Scan Script.
> Copy and Paste gfx folder to cs2d folder.
> Copy and Paste sfx folder to cs2d folder.
> Copy and Paste servertransfer.lst to cs2d/sys.
> Copy and Paste scan script to cs2d/sys/lua/autorun.


∗ How to use ∗

> You can change X,Y
> (1) You need make scan rooms or scanners on your map!
> (2) You need make two Env_Sounds for 1 scanner on your map
> (3) You need change name Env_Sounds to Alarm,Clear
> (4) You need select sounds to Alarm.ogg,Clear.ogg
> (5) Set your scanners position

> Easy to use


illegal Rules
√ You can use in your server [with credits]
√ You can share [with credits]
√ You can re-upload [with credits]
√ You can edit my scan script
× Don't chaim my scan script.


Changelog >

Code >

Last Updated: 5:27 PM 5/25/2018

flame Do not open or edit scan script.lua in Notepad

√Open or edit scan script.lua in Notepad++ (UTF-8)

• Tell me Any Problem in My Script

Sorry For My Bad English

Thank You!
Have a good day!
∗ ∗ ∗ ∗ ∗
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15.09.17 06:18:18 pm
like I like it!
If it really yours then have a like

i remember there was another one but im lazy
15.09.17 04:09:47 pm
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@user Talented Doge: Please show me.
15.09.17 03:42:38 pm
Talented Doge
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There are plenty of scanner scripts out there.
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