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18.11.09 02:04:37 pm
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Vladimir Putin
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XPoll 2.3
made by Heavy / Dark Soul (6681)
Note: This is a rewritten and improved version of my previous poll script.

This script allows you to create custom polls and let the players vote.

> You may take a look on this code for education purposes.
> You are not allowed to claim this as your own.
> You shouldn't change the code unless you know what you are doing.

Console commands:
• xpoll "title" "button1,button2,button3..."
• xpoll delete/reset
• xpoll help
• xpoll config

Features / Changes:
∗ Time!
∗ Show which player voted what.
∗ Ability to extend time when its over
∗ Takes up to nine options
∗ Console-driven
∗ A little help thing in console (xpoll help)
∗ Major clean ups (compared to the last pollscript)
∗ Configurable. Just look inside the lua file.
∗ Configuration menu! (xpoll config)
∗ More in the future.
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10.04.10 10:35:44 pm
like I like it!
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Pretty nice idea!
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