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30.03.17 18:34:23
like 6 mögen es!
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Hello dear us.de users.
I made this GPS maybe ~week ago and now impoved it a bit.
There is a video about it, but i changed it a lil bit:
The video is laggy due to my bad pc and attempt to make high qwaleti:

Firstly i wanna to credit user Gaios. Helped me to make it work with other scripts(idk really if it would).
Attention!!! Do not forget to add these files(or yours) to the servertransfer file to make others visible them.

Since i make it depending on sayin' pos to find players i decided to make it for locations, so:
• x:xpos, y:ypos to set position in x, y on map, where xpos,ypos is your value(added limits of map)
• make your own gps locations on your map:
use any entity you'd like to, name it "[GPS]" (and only!), use trigger as location name(Please do :1)not use brackets inside to avoid "disabled" button until you really need to make it disabled, 2)not use | symbol to make it looks properly, 3) don't try to make shitty ".., ..", '.., ..' to experiment with it's buggy, be srs and write normal shit there)
commas automatically changed to ";" in menu, and from ";" to "," in the messages. thanks to user DC for that.
• menu with pages of your locations on map.
• super-duper arrow :D, in fact i copied a formula to make it looks good.
• when the distance between you and the target is more or equals 100 distance would be reach
• etc(if there any others)
FIXED Bug when the round restarts.
INFO Feel free for edit for your own but keep in the mind is not fully yours. So do not claim it yourself.

The code >

Sorry me for my bad english and grammar,
thank you for attention.
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12 Kommentare
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05.04.17 14:05:03
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Good idea Mora
01.04.17 20:58:41
Thank you.
I seen in one server that there is "GPS", but it depenging on messages and has a menu with limited(depending on how much you write there) locations, which you need to add in the code, instead of map. Anyway it doesn't matter atm :,>

FIXED Bug when the round restarts.
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01.04.17 20:34:48
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Great idea, honestly. Not sure if I've seen one like this before (maybe I'm misleading) but good job anyway. This would be useful for role-play servers with pretty big maps.
31.03.17 10:26:27
I don't need it too, as i said in file - you can edit it for your own and do all the things you want, until you claim it fully yours. If someone would like to have for themselves - feel free. Personally i would not like to have that.
Since i'm using it my move hook and image is not a part of the hud but 3,id(which you only able to see that). So you can use offset to place it on radar, use in imagepos x-offset in x and the same with y, but it lead to some problems bcs while you move your pointer would jump bcs of ping and image mode.

Optimize it? I don't know any ways to do. It won't lag already, since i'm not spawning image anytime but just change their pos depending on your movement and buttons clicking, say.
Please stop to discussing this issue, i said some tips and my point already, thanks.
31.03.17 10:15:28
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It is not need for me ) and it is not optimized.
31.03.17 06:07:24
@user Pagyra: no plz, rather i keep it as it is. There i don't need to use other ideas, since i made it as i'd like it to be. Why don't you make that, if you wanna have features which you would like to see yourself? Feel free for edit for your own.

Thanks to guys below
30.03.17 23:19:56
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Wow, nice
30.03.17 22:11:28
Nice work
30.03.17 21:57:32
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You can add arrow at radar image or even use map export for "realtime" locating look like this:
30.03.17 20:37:34
Security Supporter
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30.03.17 19:10:40
I added it already.
Just place as much entities as you want, it have unlimited pages, depending on how much you have locations.
Two ss:
Or if you mean to add a custom locations while playing: i will consider about it. But i think no.
30.03.17 18:54:04
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Good but improve it to add more location with using menu
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