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13.04.14 07:06:52 am
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Map Protection by MikuAuahDark

∗ Description ∗
cs2d cmd settile command is very great, specially for minecraft mod but i'm thinking about map protection.
user Infinite Rain is creating it's Map Defence program(file cs2d CS2D Map Defence v2.1 (14)) but it's NOT in lua so i create something similar with 100% LUA
Map Protection is a tool that allows you to protect your map from edited/used on another server. While you have the full constructed map, other people just downloading a blank map

∗ Features ∗
> 100% Lag free(only lag when start to protecting/loading map specially on big maps)
> Configurable(see ∗ User Configuration ∗ )
> Doesn't delete tile blending
> Doesn't overwrite existing map(but you can configure it)

∗ How to Install ∗
Install it as usual

∗ Reserved Global Variables ∗
Note: it doesn't reallocate table if it already exist
> MP

∗ Information ∗
> 176 Lines(with comments and new lines)
> 5935 Bytes
> 1 Hooks - cs2d lua hook parse

∗ User Configuuration ∗
You can find user configuration line on top of file
> MP.MakeCopy - Do not overwrite map?(default true)
> MP.Portable - Create portable tile data so you can use map protection even if this lua is not used(default false). NOTE: if you enable this, set cs2d cmd mp_luamap to 1 so it load mapfile.lua script
> MP.Password - Password to protect the map from command(default password)
> MP.FrameDir - Directory to save the tile data(if MP.Portable is false)(default sys/lua/mapdata so be sure to edit it/create that directory)

∗ How to Use ∗
1. Configure if necessary
2. load this lua to your server
3. Enter this command: protect <MP.Password> and wait if it hangs
3a. Restart your server(not the round) if you set MP.MakeCopy to false and it's done. Not need to do the next steps and you can un-load this script for your server(if MP.Portable is true)
3b. Disconnect your servr if MP.MakeCopy is true
4. Backup your original map and rename the generated file(it's named protected mapname.map and protected mapname.lua) to your map name(*.lua only avaiable if you set MP.Portable to true)
5. Start your server again with this script
6. Done it's now protected

∗ Function ∗
> MP.Protect()
> Description: Protect your map
> Returns: nothing
> It's same as typing the command at step 3 above as it declared like this
function MP.Protect() MP.Parse("protect "..MP.Password) end

∗ Notes ∗
1. Do you found bugs? or you want to put some suggestions? on comment always
2. Screenshot 1 = Map in server
3. Screenshot 2 = Downloaded map
4. It's already compatible with CS2D b0.1.2.5

∗ Rules ∗
√ You can use it for your lua and your server
√ You can edit it
√ Share to others
√ Say user MikuAuahDark made it
√ Reupload with me on credits
× Say you made it
× Redistribute your edited version
× Re-upload without me on credits

∗ Version History ∗
> V1.0
> > INFO Initial Release
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13.04.14 12:06:11 pm
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@user Infinite Rain: No, it doesn't transfer it. I already try with another CS2D on another folder
13.04.14 12:02:47 pm
like I like it!
Infinite Rain
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@user MikuAuahDark:
Not using servertransfer.lst. But it does with <map name>.lua.
13.04.14 11:54:20 am
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user Infinite Rain has written:
because map luas are also getting transfered to the client.

thread news CS2D Beta has written:
CHANGED Lua files are not accepted via file transfer anymore (for security reasons)
13.04.14 11:19:32 am
like I like it!
Super User
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It will be very useful for my roleplay map in the future, when i open the main server
13.04.14 08:35:13 am
like I like it!
Infinite Rain
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Like from me. Well played. I like the fact that blended tiles gets saved. I will try and work on that, too.
Awesome job.


Your script won't save maps, because map luas are also getting transfered to the client.
edited 1×, last 13.04.14 08:45:32 am
13.04.14 08:26:11 am
like I like it!
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Well, this lua has more features than another map protector, i like it
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