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31.12.12 06:00:18 pm
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Hello there! It's a small gift from me at the end of the year. Baby Face's Blaster from TF2. I didn't upload any files in last months, because... Right now, I am defending myself against zombie army, somewhere in eastern Asia. Yep! You know, all these rumors about the end of the world were true! Also, Internet connection here suck hard, but at least I could upload this last file! So tell me what do you think about it, etc, etc...

Alright, I'd better get going, another zombie swarm tries to break through the door. Last time, they jammed themselves in the door, so I could run away through the window, but I'm sure, I won't have such luck this time.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'd like to wish you Happy New Year and O SHI-
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31.12.12 06:00:53 pm
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looks good
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