Development of Unreal Software

1997 or 1998

I started to learn my first programming language called Super Logo.

In the following Years

I programmed my first little Super Logo games e.g.: Gnoms, Creatures Island, Brain Fire and Ufo Jagd.

About the End of 2000

Having a look at C++ lead to the development of some tiny programs. e.g.: a game where you have to guess numbers, Taskdevil and CD-Control.

4. Quarter 2001

I found something on the internet (I have got internet since 2001): Flash. One example of what I made with it is Mouse Trail.

4. Quarter 2002

Flash is nice but it is too slow for fast games. So I had a closer look at Blitz Basic, a powerful and simple programming language for games. Shortly after this I had the idea of programming Counter-Strike 2D.

Middle of 2003

I lost the motivation to work on Counter-Strike 2D. Instead I concentrated on the third dimension and wrote Stranded. It was my first 3D title and my biggest game too (10,000 lines of code).

November 2003

Stranded was/is a great success. That great that I planned to make a second game like this. Stranded has been published in 4 magazines (SharePlay, Bravo Screenfun, Computer Bild Spiele, PC-Action) and in the Rhein-Zeitung (local newspaper). But before doing this I wanted to finish Counter-Strike 2D.

July 2004

Counter-Strike 2D (which already had about 22,000 lines of code at this time) became very popular. (now gave me the domain Afterwards I began to work on Stranded II.

Beginning of 2005

I had a break from working on Stranded II and wrote Minigolf Madness in about 2 months.

End of 2005 stopped supporting me with So the list of servers in Counter-Strike 2D was not available anymore. As a result of this "problem" Counter-Strike 2D lost a lot of players.

July 2006

Stranded II was still in development but almost finished. By the way I bought the domain in order to bring new life to Counter-Strike 2D.

April 2007

The German Stranded II Beta has been released and reached about 1,500 downloads at within 10 days.

End of June 2007

Stranded II reached the gold state. With over 50,000 lines of sourcecode and a development time of about 3 years it is the biggest project I ever worked on.

End of July 2008

Counter-Strike 2D (working title: CS2D Max) has been released. It is a completely re-programmed version of CS2D. This time I used the programming language BlitzMax. It is my first project which is available for Linux and MacOS too. It also has nearly 50,000 lines of code.

29. September 2009

The new Unreal Software game Carnage Contest has been released. Special about it is that all weapons are scripted with Lua. However it is just a small project compared to Stranded and CS2D. Speaking of CS2D: Many updates made its code grow to over 60,000 lines. It also supports Lua scripts since march 2009!

November 2009

Unreal Software needed too much traffic and cpu power. Therefore it moved to a fast V-Server (including all related pages).

10. April 2010

The website has been re-built from scratch and now uses XHTML and UTF8!

24. October 2011

Carnage Contest reaches beta phase (version beta!

End of 2012

Unreal Software announces the development of Stranded III and starts a devolpment blog to show progress.

August 2014

Stranded III progresses slowly as I was busy with my bachelor thesis and now working full time. The website has been created.