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CS2D Development and Pre-Release

11.02.16 10:10:03 pm

there's a lot of stuff to announce! First of all: I decided to let some other people contribute to CS2D's code base.

user Simonas already created the "old" light engine and he was really busy the last months re-writing it from scratch. The results are amazing!

user EngiN33R will support the development of CS2D. This way I can focus more on Stranded III and you will still get CS2D updates. He already contributed a lot for the upcoming release like round-by-round shotgun reloading, multi-mod support, menu music, new script stuff and more!

I also was busy working on the next CS2D version for the last two months. To everyone who favors Stranded III: I'm really sorry. I'll go back to full power Stranded III development super soon!

What I actually want to show you at this point is a pre-release version for the upcoming CS2D so you can take a look at the new stuff we added.

Get the CS2D PRE-RELEASE (Win only 10.3 mb) here
Please extract it to a fresh folder and do not override your CS2D folder with it!

Light preview GIF (2 mb)

Changelog >

Note: This is not an official update (yet). You can only join manually using the join by IP or LAN function with this release. It's only a preview version for testing.