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Counter-Strike 2D

22.11.15 09:03:51 pm
A new CS2D version is here. It has no huge changes but I decided to finally call it a non-beta version. This was long overdue because the game is no real beta anymore for a long time already.

You may ask yourself now: No beta anymore? What does that mean? Is it final? Last release?
The answer is: Yes, the game is "final" but there will be updates and fixes nevertheless. So basically nothing changed.

Get it - as always - from www.CS2D.com/download or use the auto update feature if you're a Windows user.

Changelog >

About the new Quick Play feature:
A server can qualify for quick play by meeting the following criteria:
• Server is running the Standard game mode
• Server is NOT password protected
• Server name starts with the quick play tag [Q]

Please use the quick play server name tag [Q] only for servers which do NOT use weird Lua scripts which totally modify the original game. Otherwise your servers might get blacklisted. Quick play is intended to give people a quick start and an easy way to experience the original Counter-Strike 2D gameplay.

Which server will Quick Play join?
It will search servers meeting the criteria above and choose the one with the best ping and - if possible - people already playing on it.

There was a problem with so I quick fixed to!
I'm very sorry for the problem.